Ipad App Development in The Education Sector

In our current times, when technology has met with visual arts through engaging applications, we see an emerging opportunity for educators, parents and development companies to use these creative mediums for educating children. Ipad app development is significant in this sector as iPad offers a very user-friendly interface which is conducive for educating children.

Ipad app development companies have a big role to play in producing quality apps which can serve to give quality education. Many such iPad apps have been successful outside India. Some apps are widely recognized in the US and therefore, are used by a large percentage of US schools. Maths teaching apps employing gamification have been particularly successful.

Ipad app development in India, is in its nascent stage due to high cost factors. The iPad app market in India mainly comprises of the urban rich. Therefore, educational iPad apps can be built for children of the rich. To tap this market effectively, one must build children-centric apps and keep the following guidelines in mind:

Motive of the App - Have a clear motive in mind for the app. What do you want to teach through your app? Improve language skills or Maths skills or something else?

Know the Age- group of Your Users - Knowing the age group of the children, whom you want to serve will decide the most suitable user-interfaces for the children since understanding user psychology is essential for building successful UIs

Make Use of Story-Telling- Children love stories, especially stories coupled with colourful pictures. App technology enhances the story telling process not only with pictures ,but animation and sound as well. So use stories as a medium to serve your teaching goals.

Gamify - Children love games. Gamify your apps and serve your teaching goals with appealing game apps and enable a reward system with animation, appealing to your child users.

Culture of the Targeted Children - Build characters on your app which your child user can relate to. For example, a child brought up in traditional South India, will most likely be able to relate to characters wearing South Indian dresses. So build human characters in your iPad app which look similar to the people, a South Indian child can relate to. Extend such cultural components in the voice and background of your app as well.

Thus, iPad app development in India can take a new turn if stakeholders of the education sector take notice of the amazing UI capabilities of iPad which can effectively capture the imagination of children and simultaneously achieve teaching goals as well.


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