How Technical Should Your Childrens Toys Be?

There is a school of thought which will claim that the more technologically advanced your childrens toys are, the better, while there is another group who will claim that the tried and true classics are the best way to go.

Some of the modern ranges of childrens toys have more technology in them than most of the computers that their parents spend all day sat in front of at work, and it is often suggested that the higher-tech the toys we give our children are, the better. It's easy to see the point of this argument: our world is becoming more technologically advanced on a daily basis. It is possible to walk into a store and purchase a computer which is more powerful than science fiction shows from just a few years ago predicted they would be a hundred years from now, and there is absolutely no reason to think that this advancement will stop or even slow down. Surely it makes sense to impart computing and technological knowhow into our children as early as possible; whether this is through the toys we give them or whether we sit with them while showing them how to use the PC.

On the other side of the coin however, is the school of thought that use of technological childrens toys can limit their imagination as they grow up. Television is often stated to have a negative effect on this and there are toys on the market which will allow children to watch video files on their toys, possibly starting to negatively affect this at an early age. There is also the fact that there is an attachment to the tried and true classics when it comes to parents giving their children toys: I may have had a teddy, for example, so they look forwards to giving one of these to their child as well.

Although ultimately the choice of toys to give your children will be down to you, there are always considerations to make and the side you decide to come down on - if indeed you choose a side in this debate - will largely come down to whether or not you believe that your children will grow up unimaginative automatons who are good with computers or highly creative technophobes who are left behind in the modern world depending on which route you decide on.

Although there is some weight to both sides of the debate, the two needn't be mutually exclusive: there is nothing to say that you can't give your child some high-tech gadgets, yet still furnish him or her with a few classic or traditional childrens toys as well.


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